Collegiate Strength & Speed Performance Enhancement Camp

Performance Enhancement Camp coming soon

Looking for a summer athletic performance camp in the Pittsburgh area for your upcoming season?

Specialized sports training designed for your specific needs such as a quick first step, acceleration, power, speed, and more will help you become a better athlete. Certain athletes have been hand-picked to be a part of “The Next Level of Athletic Fitness- Strength & Speed Performance Camp.” This camp will be for collegiate football players in the local Pittsburgh area to increase their overall athletic ability for their upcoming football season.  The Next Level Athletic Fitness camp will be held May 31 – August 3(approximately). You will have the opportunity to put your talents on display against some of the best athletes in the local area and increase your chances of playing at the Next Level.   

 What you can expect:

Summer training sessions (4 times a week)

  • 90 minute strength training 
  • 60 minute Speed & Agility training 
  • 30-60 minutes of corrective exercises to help with muscles imbalances
  • Individualized training programs 
  • Postural Assessment- (an assessment of the body to create your program). 
  • Pre & Post testing 
  • Nutritional programming 
  • Proper running mechanics 
  • Explosiveness
  • Core & Balance training
  • Advanced acceleration techniques
  • Proper short shuttle & 40 yard sprint techniques
  • Competition

Typical training day:  (Times are subject to change)

Workout days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 

  • 7:00am Strength Training
  • 8:30am Speed & Agility Training
  • 9:30am Break Camp
  • 6:30pm Corrective Exercise Training (2x a week)
  • 7:30pm Break Camp

Limited space is available. This is to ensure that every athlete gets detailed attention with smaller groups. Therefore, we will accept athletes on a first come, first serve basis

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